February 26, 2018

Ryan & Kim – Yosemite Elopement – Colorado Elopement Photographer

Adventure Elopement Session – Yosemite Valley – Colorado Adventure Wedding Photographer

Ryan and Kim snuggle up in front of one of Yosemite's giant towering waterfalls during their adventure elopement session.

Winter in Yosemite can be all kinds of unpredictable, from sunny days and warm temps to flash snowstorms and tire chain requirements. But on this particular February day, ol’ Yosemite was at its finest for Ryan and Kim’s adventure elopement session. Not a cloud hung over the valley and the sun washed it in a beautiful glow, sweeping its rays across these two stunning souls. Half-dome towered over the valley as Ryan and Kim frolicked through the grassy meadows, hopping on fallen trees and laughing with every leap.

Professional slackliners, these two eat, sleep, breathe adventure and their love story is exactly that. They fell in love at a high-lining festival, GGBY, and got engaged in 2016 on a Space Net at the festival where they met The Hearnes. Fast-forward a few months and The Hearnes were photographing their epic Space Net wedding over a canyon in Moab, Utah in November. 

Yosemite frequenters, Ryan and Kim slipped back into some wedding garb and romped through the valley for some gorgeous newlywed photos in one of their favorite places on earth. I’d call that a win in love and adventure.

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