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Schemin' on Wedding adventures?

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What Travel Has Taught Me: 5 Lessons I’ve Learned on the Road

Travel was part of my raising, adventure is in my blood and exploration is #1 in our family manifesto. I could write a book just on little lessons learned while traveling. Actually, I plan to. Here are five things I’ve learned catching flights, ducking down side streets, getting off the beaten path and treating every […]

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Enchanted French Alps Elopement Shoot | Colorado Elopement Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographer

Adventure Elopment in the French Alps Relationships matter. People matter. Real life matters. This shoot is a product of relationships forged online and built in person. The stars aligned when I met Laure of Laure Lalliard Design and encountered her creative genius. After a couple months of dreamin’ and schemin,’ I found myself here: Nestled […]

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#TravelTuesday: NYC Edition

Thomas and I are certainly adventurers, and adventure is surely one of the many things that brings us together as a dynamic duo. In college, long before we were dating, we could always count on one another to hop in the car for spontaneous shenanigans. And one of the things I love about the combo […]

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#TravelTuesday: The Canadian Rockies | Atlanta Travel Photographer

Wanderlust (n.) a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. We are adventurers, Thomas and I.  It’s one of the forces that pull our souls together like magnets.  I recently learned that the term wanderlust is a derivative of the German words wandern (to hike) and lust (desire), altogether meaning “enjoyment of hiking.”  While […]

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