Expecting: Chelsey + Dallas | NC Maternity Session | Western NC Portrait Photographer

April 19, 2016

Anticipation.  Excitement.  Joy.  And above all, love.  This is what I witnessed and experienced when I spent time adventuring with Chelsey and Dallas during their March maternity session.

At 34 weeks pregnant, Chelsey was (and still is…and really always has been) a radiant bombshell.  I know, I know, you don’t usually associate words like “bombshell” with an expectant mother, instead saying things like, “Oh, she’s just GLOWING!”  Well, that’s true.  But my friend here is also a bombshell and pregnancy looks amazing on her.

When I heard she was expecting, I pitched the idea of a maternity photos to her and the rest is history.  We put our heads together for an incredible mountaintop maternity adventure, she and Dallas picked the place and I was in for the most creatively inspiring session I’ve had since Sarah Kate’s portraits in November!  It was the perfect way to kickstart photo season.

We started off in an open field and as the sun approached it’s glory hour, we made our way to the top of the peak.  Chelsey is a pediatric nurse at Levine Children’s hospital in Charlotte and has been able to remain active and on her feet throughout her entire pregnancy.  That little hike had nothin’ on her in her blue dress and sneakers!  We paused at the top for snack (well done preparation, Dal!) and were in full-force creative mode.  In no time, we nailed the shot the Chels dreamed of:  that enchanting moment where she stands atop a rock overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains and valleys in her beautiful, flowing green dress caught in the western winds, joyful smile planted on her face as she looks over at Dallas.

Throughout the session, I squealed with excitement and delight with every peek at the back of my camera.  When your subjects are so in love and gloriously bound by the life growing between them and your backdrop is stunning Western North Carolina, you can’t lose.  I’m THRILLED to share this epic experience with all of you.

Thank YOU, Chelsey and Dallas for such an unforgettable time (and for hosting me so well!!).   And I’m PUMPED to meet the newest little man…any day now!

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