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January 13, 2018

One Stop Shop for Guy Gifts

Sometimes I think Etsy stays afloat because of the wedding industry, especially for all things bridesmaids. It’s a lot harder to find quality and NOT CHEESY groom/groomsmen gifts. There are a trillion cute gifts and gift ideas to give your gals as a thank you for being there for your best day, but I think gifts for the guys are maybe a little more difficult to find. (We all know guys are the hard ones to buy for, especially if you don’t have a fortune to dole out.) It’s no easy feat to pinpoint something that all te guys will enjoy, especially when you’d like to find a gift that is personalized to them.


That’s where Groovy Guy Gifts come in to save the day!  This site has a wide selection of perfect gifts for the fellas AND all of them offer personalization.  The customized gifts range from super practical to super fun.  There are plenty of items to choose from, which is helpful when trying to select gifts that fit individuals and knowing that not every gift is perfect for every wedding party.  I’ve seen a lot of grooms go the more fun, personalized route, but others choose something a little more practical that their boys will be able to use on a daily basis.  

As I searched the site, I realized there are actually a ton of great gift ideas for any guy–these gifts aren’t just for groomsmen!  It’s one-stop shopping for birthdays, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and even holiday gifts for any special fella in your life.  

What We Got

One of my favorite items Groovy Guy Gifts has to offer is this customized flask.  I got one for Thomas (but that’s also totally shareable hehehee) and we have LOVED it. It comes in a beautiful rustic wooden box with a black velvet interior and looks awesome on our bar cart.  And the size is perfect!  It is large enough to fill 7 ounces of your favorite spirits, but sleek enough to fit into most pockets. This gift would be affordable, unique and such a fun memory for the guys in your wedding party. Personally, it’s just what we need for bonfires and backpacking.  The personalization was flawlessly laser engraved.  Seriously, take a look at ours and then go check out Groovy Guy Gifts for unique personalized gifts for men. What do you think?!


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