Adventure Elopement Session – Colorado Elopement Photographer

April 17, 2018

Anne and Caleb scrambled up a rock outcropping at the foothills of Colorado's Rockies at sunrise for their adventure elopement.

Elopement, n. — No longer shotgun weddings or secretive nuptials, elopements are not defined by their last-minute runaway stereotype anymore.

Instead, they’re fueled by intimacy, personality and intentionality.

Anne and Caleb traveled across the country from their home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to snag some adventure portraits in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We rose well before sunrise, loaded up their clothes and my gear and headed to our location, nestled between pine forests, incredible rock outcroppings and open meadows.

Though it was slated to be a classic warm, sunny Colorado day, it’s still pretty cold to the tune of 30 degrees on these spring mornings. Anne and Caleb wore plenty of layers to hike to our first spot before they changed into their photo clothes.

Anne’s vintage lace dress is actually a bit of a family heirloom! And if it’s not now, it certainly will be! It was the same dress her mother wore to her rehearsal dinner almost 30 years ago. To find something as beautiful and of that caliber now, I’m sure you’d have to pay $500+.

Anne braved the cold for the first part of our session, and even went barefoot for a few photos. As a Carolina girl myself, I can totally relate to going barefoot and carefree with nothing but the wild earth underfoot. The best part, though, is that her boots and wool socks didn’t look a bit out of place with her delicate dress and the rugged, rocky mountain landscape. It was perfect.

As the sun rose over the horizon, Anne and Caleb scrambled up a magnificent rock outcropping while I scrambled up another. And this was where I snagged one of my favorite shots of the day. Afterward, we made our way through the pines and into the open meadow to warm up and get playful. I love the way their love for one another shines through in every laugh, every smile, every glance, every word, every touch.

For them, this was an adventurous photo session just because. But here’s the thing. With another couple, this could have been an epic elopement story. Imagine with me.

Imagine taking a short hike to a beautiful location with no one around and exchanging your vows as the sun rises on the new day…

Pretty amazing right? And it’s really that easy.

So, sunrise rock scramble elopement? I’ll take it. And I hope you would, too.

Something here tickle your fancy? Imagination running wild? Getting excited about how your own wedding story could unfold? Dreaming of beautiful portraits somewhere awesome, just you and your boo? I hear ya.

“Yep, I wanna chat!”

A bluebird sings its morning anthem perched on a fence post at Three Sisters in Evergreen, Colorado, on the morning of an adventure elopement.

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