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October 13, 2016

I’ve said it before, but you just CANNOT beat the giddiness that Jessica exudes, nor the tenderness that Lee embodies. These two worked tirelessly to throw an amazing party for their closest family and friends in celebration of their wedding day. It was chock full of thoughtful,¬†handmade details that served as the perfect expression of who they are as a couple. I’m talkin’ things like awesome handmade signs, including a post pointing in every meaningful direction related to their love story–their ancestral homes, colleges, vacation spots, EVERYTHING. They served their favorite local beers and liquors, water infused with mint they grew and gave away packets of wildflower seeds as favors. My personal favorite was the “Mutual Weirdness Forever” sign. I can relate to that.

I had many favorite moments on September 3. Lee wiped tears away from his eyes when he laid eyes on his bride at their first look and the moment wasn’t lost on him when he wiped them away again as Jess made her way down the aisle. A couple times during the day, I saw Jess hike up her dress and take off running. Once I mentioned my delight at this to her bridesmaids and they responded, “Of course, it’s Jessica! She’s always running!” Her contagious energy is the norm according to everyone around her. In one of my favorite exits ever, Jess and Lee paused to take in their crowd waving ribbon wands and “Hooray!” banners in the air before they took off skipping down the aisle. In that moment, you couldn’t miss the joy in Jess’s face, standing wowed by the sight before her. And boy do these people know how to party! The rest of the night was all about gettin’ your boogie on and I believe everyone did just that.

Thank you, Jess and Lee, for allowing me the privilege of photographing your wedding day as you embark on the best adventure yet–marriage!

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  1. Jessica Fugelsoe says:

    I love reading your thoughts just as much as the pictures! If anyone is reading this deciding on a photographer, stop searching. Ashton is fantastic!


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